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LINGMED identifies and collaborates with European manufactures to bring a short listed medical products to meet China market’s unmet needs

We take care of the product registration process in China to help our partner to enter China faster and more effectively

In addition, we together with our partners in Europe provide partnering services to bridge European and Chinese pharmaceuticals with biotech companies, including valuation and market monitoring reports

Venture valuation – Lingmed works with VV to bring valuation workshop into China market as well as support Chinese clients with European company Due Diligence projects
Xplico Evaluator – Business forecast tool on sales forecast and deal valuation. Xplico evaluator was developed by Danish company Xplico and launched in 2006, this excel add-on tool has been widely used by small and midsize pharmaand biotech companies

In 2014, Lingmed started to introduce Xplico into China market as its exclusive partner for the first time
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