BIO Patrik Frei, Switzerland/Singapore

Dr. Patrik Frei is founder and CEO of Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland. He started the company over 14 years ago when he noticed a need for independent valuation services in high growth industries during a collaboration with Novartis Venture Fund, which became his first client. Since then he has been involved in over 300 valuations for investors as well as biotech, Pharma and medtech companies. Patrik graduated from the Business University of St. Gallen and completed his Ph.D thesis (”Assessment and valuation of high growth companies”) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL Lausanne. Patrik was a board member and one of the original founders of Ineo, a holding company of the Swiss dental implant VC-backed firm Thommen Medical. He is also the Chairman of Ophthalmopharma, a Swiss based biotech ophthalmology company, where he successfully out-licensed a portfolio of 4 products. Furthermore, Patrik is member of the board of Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG (KKBN:Berne) a publicly quoted cleantech company. Patrik’s articles have been published in a number of scientific journals including “Nature Biotechnology”, “Chimia” and other business publications (“Starting a Business in the Life Sciences: From Idea to Market” and “Building Biotechnology: Starting, Managing, and Understanding Biotechnology Companies”). He has also lectured at Seoul National University, South Korea, EPFL Lausanne, University of St. Gallen and gives regular workshops on valuation.

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LINGMED LIMITED SHANGHAI together with Venture Valuation is pleased to invite you to
a full-day workshop on pharma – biotech Product and Company Valuation
Course Benefits The Trainer – Patrik Frei

Patrik is the Europe's top valuation expert of high-growth life science companies; Patrik is Founder & CEO of venture Valuation AG, specializing in independent assessments and valuation of emerging high-growth companies in biotechnology and the sciences; Patrik and his team carried out all external valuations for the Novartis Venture Fund; Owner of Biotechgate the global life science database

Registration & Welcome coffee
Introduction to Valuation: what –why –when
  • Scope of this course
  • Basics about valuation
  • The main drives of valuation : measuring risk vs return
How to Assess a Company Prior to Valuation
  • Why is it important to assess a company before doing a valuation
  • The three key areas management-technology-market
  • The 20 factors required to assess a company
Coffee break
Company Valuation
Interactive lecture:
  • An overview of approaches for valuing life science companies (e.g. option pricing) and why simple approaches work best
  • Focus on the most used company valuation methods:
    a) Discount Cash Flows
    b) Venture Capital method
    c) Market / Deal comparable
  • Valuation in practice - discussion of a historical case
Group work on a case study:
The audience will be broken up in groups. After reading the case, each group has the opportunity to calculate the value of a life science company. The groups will then present and discuss their results in a plenary discussion
Product Valuation & Deal Structuring
Interactive lecture:
  • Difference between company and product valuation
  • What information do you need? - How to gather the information?
  • Overview of product valuation methods
  • In-depth explanation of the most frequently used technique in Pharma & Biotech:the Risk-adjusted Net Present Value(rNPV)
  • How to calculate the value of a company from several product valuations
  • Given an rNPV, how to decide on the best deal structure (upfront payment, milestone payments, royalties and etc?)
  • How to use the product valuation to determine a suitable deal structure?
Group work on a case study
The audience will be broken up in groups.After reading the case, each group has the opportunity to calculate the value of a pharmaceutical product in development. The groups will then present and discuss their results in a plenary discussion
Coffee will be served during the case study workshop
Final Discussion & Wrap-up
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